The Lids from Yoozybox™

Would you like to walk away knowing your installation is safe overnight or even over the weekend?

A simple, easy to use solution…

  • Do you carry out rewires and new build installations ?
  • If so our Lids might just help you out.
  • Carry the Plasterguards for your rewires and simply fit the Lids on your new build work.
  • Do you prefer to leave your accessories off?

Yoozybox™ has the answer to all the above questions…

The Lids from Yoozybox™

I wired a kitchen and put some Lids on the Plasterguards I already had and they were great. I didn’t want to put the sockets on because they always get full of plaster and grout but it didn’t matter with these on, brilliant, thanks for the tip

Plasterers – No more struggling to find the sparks’ boxes…

Our Lids have small handy spikes on each corner.

Simply press your plasterboard onto the spikes and a small imprint is left.

Cut around the imprints and push your board back. – Simple!


Do you work on refurbs and new build?

Carry the Yoozybox and Lids seperately