The Plasterguard from Yoozybox™

Would you like to walk away knowing your installation is safe overnight or even over the weekend?

A simple, easy to use solution...

  • Would you like to know that the plasterers cannot drop plaster into your boxes tripping the RCD?
  • Would you like to plaster around boxes knowing you can not get an electric shock?
  • Would you like to plaster the rewire once and achieve a good finish?
  • Would you like to know you will not have to go back doing any snagging?
  • Would you like to grout and tile around sockets safely?

Yoozybox™ has the answer to all the above questions...

The Plasterguard from Yoozybox™

In the old days we were always getting call outs to faults caused by the plasterers but since we started using Plasterguards we just don't have that problem, great idea, many thanks
We were a little bit skeptical at first but looking back over the last six months we should of been using them years ago
Its nice to know I can go home and not worry about the phone ringing with yet another tripped RCD
They are absolutely brilliant and make plastering round boxes a doddle
You were right, we worked out how much money we saved with the Plasterguards fitted and it's substantial. They really have reduced the amount of snagging and revisits to almost zero

It's this easy

The PLASTERGUARD has been specifically designed for the domestic rewire industry. The PLASTERGUARD fits perfectly in between any electrical accessory and its back box giving a protective seal of 1 inch. The PLASTERGUARD is fitted and removed by just sliding it over the accessory. The PLASTERGUARD can be fitted and removed easily with the wires connected.